Web Design Hartlepool

So is it web design, web agency or web development in Hartlepool? Is it marketing agency, advertising agency or ad agency in Hartlepool? Is it media planning, media buying or a list of services like email advertising, banner advertising, social media or Google search… in Hartlepool (of course)… or Middlesbrough… Sunderland, Newcastle. Aaargghhh!

When deciding what tags or keywords to use for your product or service it can be a minefield. Sorry… correction… it’s always a minefield.

Of course not all companies have a digital strategy or digital specialist on hand, and of course there’s always a fear of who to trust and the unlikelihood of getting some simple free advice that’s worth much (see what I did there?) So you sit down, come up with a couple of dozen keywords and the job is done. Of course the job isn’t done. Here are some free pointers (worth lots):

1. You know your products and services inside out. You’re also fluent in industry speak. Remember to think outside the box (or bubble) and connect with what Joe Blogs would search for. Chances are it isn’t what you think they would search for.
2. Don’t trust your new intern because he/she/it uses Facebook and is below the age of 22 and therefore must be qualified.
3. Use the array of Google keyword tools available at the click of a button. They’re not the most precise but give an indication and supply some extra ideas and insight.
4. Remember your SEO strategy will be different to your Adwords strategy.
5. Keywords will guide your content strategy so make it relevant.
6. Some people do offer some free advice. Call 01429 870934 or email admin@asensio.co.uk


Mayor of foursquare

I performed my first mayoral duties today at the King John’s Tavern in Hartlepool. I took my youngest for lunch. It’s always best nurturing the father-son relationship in the surroundings of a pub, and as I’ve recently become the foursquare Mayor of the town’s Wetherspoon I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show my boy what a great man his father is, and of course take advantage of the 20% discount offered to VIPs such as me. He’s only 3 but I could tell he was swelling with pride, no matter how often he declared he had done “wee wee”.

When I arrived I was excited to see a welcome sign to the Mayor on the front door. The red carpet inside added to my excitement and I envisaged hand-shaking dignitaries and school children waving flags. I was here to take possession of my territory!

With that I made my order and then with a flourish revealed my identity to the young woman behind the bar. There was a stunned silence as she took in the information, pushed it around her head and tried to digest the enormity of what had been revealed to her ears.
“You what?” she said. It obviously had been too much.
“I’m your foursquare mayor” I smiled, pronouncing each of the words in staccato.
Anybody would have thought I’d called her a “four-eyed mare” as her eyes widened and she rather vacantly muttered “I’m going to get the manager”.
To my utter relief she returned with a rather friendly chap who welcomed me saying “So you’re our mayor? Give the gentleman 20% off”

I looked at my son smiling, he looked at me swelling, I looked at the proud manager, he looked at the vacant barmaid. She looked through the complicated discount section of her touchscreen till. “You what?” she whispered.