New year

A happy and blessed new year!

As 2011 draws to a close and a shiny new year looms, like many this evening I will be looking back on the highs and lows of what has gone before and hoping that 2012 is kind to me and mine.

Looking back it was another good year. When things seemed to take a turn for the worse they in fact brought blessings and new opportunities. When one door was closed others were opened.

Over the years this pattern has repeated itself time and again. My mother has always said, “What’s for you won’t pass you by” and I have to say there is a great deal of comfort to be had in this piece of wisdom. It brings a confidence that no matter what lies in wait around the corner I will be able to cope with the challenges as indeed they were always meant to be.

So far they have been changers to a brighter tomorrow. All I can ask is that they continue to be just that.

Have a very happy and blessed new year!