youngest child

Youngest Child Syndrome

Originaly posted 18th May 2009

If you are anything like me, when you were a child you thought you were something special. In my case I think it had something to do with being the youngest of five children. I was spoiled and praised much too often. The evidence of the long term effects of ‘youngest child syndrome’ can be seen in the fact that I still believe I deserve to be spoiled and praised much too often. If I wasn’t so vain I’d be perfect!

My son Joseph seems to have been some kind of genetic accident, only taking his DNA profile from his dad. He is a chip off the old block, the spit from my mouth, my mini-me, my clone. My hope is that being the joint eldest (he is a twin) he will escape my syndrome and turn out to be more humble… an improved version… my 2.0. (then I will be perfect!) I remember thinking I was destined for great things. As a teenager especially I thought I had been put on this planet to be a great leader, a sage, an authority… a sex symbol. Then adulthood came and evidence began to gather that this wasn’t likely to happen and that “the chances” were weighed against me. Just one visit to London made me realise how many people are on this damn planet!

Since their birth I have always thought of Blogs as vain. I think they have youngest child syndrome too. People related to them think they’re cute and entertaining… and so are inevitably praised much too often. The rest of us think they’re vain little brats. I recently attended a digital conference in The Sage Newcastle, and listened to a talk given by a famous blogger. This guy had managed to successfully transfer his audience from his childhood livingroom to online. His talk was entertaining enough but I couldn’t help feeling blogs were created for this kind of guy. For our kind.